Larry Curie, Jr

Facilities Systems Technician, Facilities

Larry Currie is the Facilities Systems Technician for the Ellison Institute of Technology. In his role, he assists in maintaining the daily operations of the physical facility, while also ensuring the MEP and Lab systems of EIT remain functioning to highest capacity. His various duties and responsibilities range from overseeing electrical projects, projects related to MEP and Lab systems, plumbing, and managing third party vendors. As a Facilities Systems Technician, he conducts ongoing evaluations of systems and maintains the Trane/BMS control systems.  

Previously, Larry worked as a Critical Facility Engineer for Equinix. In his previous role he inspected and monitored the infrastructure, its various MEP and electrical systems, and their alarms. He undertook repairs of critical equipment ranging from UPS systems, STS systems, chillers, CRAH units, and various pumps. While at Equinix, he led the expansion of new colocation while implementing health and safety practices and establishing a LOTO program. 

Larry earned his undergraduate degree from St. Leo and his graduate degree from Liberty University in I/O psychology. Larry served eight years as a Machinist Mate, Auxiliary in the United States Navy as a Submariner earning his Submarine and his Deep Submergence warfare devices. He served onboard the USS Tucson where he maintained and fixed all auxiliary equipment and was a part of Submarine Development Squadron 5 in special projects. 

Outside of work, Larry enjoys spending time with family, trying new foods, reading, and writing. He also enjoys giving back to his community through youth engagement and community outreach.