EIT Los Angeles

Innovation Labs

    • Applied Therapeutics Lab
    • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Lab
    • Biomimetic Models Lab
    • Drug Discovery Lab
    • Immersive Visualization Lab
    • Integrative Microscopy Lab
    • Microenvironment Lab
    • Molecular Analytics Lab
    • Multiscale Biology Lab
    • Proving Ground
Proving Ground

 Proving Ground at EIT Los Angeles, where new technologies from our corporate partners are beta-tested to provide real world feedback and accelerate delivery.

Three researchers in lab coats

Researchers in the EIT Drug Discovery Lab work to develop new therapeutic compounds to treat cancer.

EIT Los Angeles Clinic

Our clinic has both oncology and wellness programmes, with providers specializing in various cancer subtypes as well as preventative medicine. Programmes are in place both for consultative services and continued care.

EIT Los Angeles Clinic

An EIT Clinic patient room

Oxford Clinic

Clinicians, researchers and staff at the EIT Clinic work together to provide personalized care for patients in both the wellness and cancer programmes.

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