Graduate Ellison Scholars Projects

For those applying to the Ellison Scholars programme for graduate study at the University of Oxford

Explore the current list of Ellison Scholars projects here.

The innovation projects aim to solve global problems through technology and are at the centre of gravity for both EIT and the Ellison Scholars programme. The graduate Scholars apply primarily to work on a specific project within one of our humane endeavours. Innovating shoulder-to-shoulder with world leading experts to solve real-world problems through technology as part of a fully-funded doctoral degree at one of the top Universities in the world is what sets this scholarship programme apart. 

The scholarship programme is looking to find outstandingly talented people who have the skills and abilities to contribute significantly to one of our ongoing projects. The projects would benefit from skills in computer science, artificial intelligence, mathematics and statistics, robotics, plant sciences, machine learning, chemistry and chemical engineering, biology and molecular biology, engineering, physics / nuclear physics, medicine, and microbiology. This list is not exhaustive and any candidates with skillsets and ambitions aligned with EIT’s projects are welcome to apply.

Graduate Ellison scholarships will fund DPhil (PhD) study at the University of Oxford. For Graduate Ellison Scholars, their doctoral research will centre on an EIT project. Interested applicants are encouraged to check back ahead of applications opening in August.

More information can be found under the Selection Criteria tab to help you assess alignment with our programme. Our application form and process will ask you to demonstrate how you meet our criteria and why you are a good fit for this programme.  

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