Science & Engineering for Humanity

The Ellison Institute of Technology’s mission is to develop and deploy technology in pursuit of solving some of humanity’s most challenging and enduring problems. Guided by world leaders, scientists and entrepreneurs, EIT seeks to accelerate innovation in health and medical science, food security and sustainable agriculture, climate change and clean energy, and government innovation and era of artificial intelligence.

Click to play video of the new EIT Oxford Campus, designed by Lord Norman Foster. Due to be completed in 2027.

Humane Endeavours

Health &
Medical Science

Improve the quality and lower the cost of healthcare worldwide. Use generative artificial intelligence to accelerate small molecule and protein drug design and development. Use digital cloud infrastructure to equitably distribute lifesaving vaccines, therapeutics, and technologies globally.

Food Security
& Sustainable Agriculture

Increase the volume and reliability of the global food supply by deploying a worldwide network of large-scale indoor farms. Growing indoors uses significantly less water and land, and virtually eliminates the use of herbicides and pesticides. Design low-cost modular greenhouses employing solar energy, robotics, hydroponics, material science, AI and cloud software.

Climate Change
& Clean Energy

Support the development of efficient clean energy technologies from electricity generation via nuclear fusion to advanced technology batteries for low-cost high-capacity energy storage.

Government Innovation & Era of Artificial Intelligence

Reimagine and transform the State by developing a new generation of essential digital services for all its citizens.  Use AI and sovereign cloud infrastructure as an innovation platform to efficiently deliver everything from Digital IDs, healthcare, food security and agriculture, finance … all at a much lower cost.

EIT Oxford

EIT Oxford - Littlemore Brook
EIT Observatory Hall next to Littlemore Brook in Oxford

The EIT Oxford Campus will have 30,000m2 of research laboratories, an oncology and preventative care clinic, plus educational and meeting spaces. The new facility will further EIT’s current partnership with the University of Oxford and become the new home for Ellison Scholars.

EIT Los Angeles

EIT Los Angeles
EIT Los Angeles world renowned oncology and preventative care clinic treats thousands of patients every year

EIT Los Angeles was established in 2016 as a medical research and development centre. The facility features innovation labs for Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Analytics, and was among the first organizations to vertically integrate the interdisciplinary study and treatment of disease.

Faculty of Fellows

EIT is guided by a Faculty of Fellows. This distinguished group of world leaders, scientists and entrepreneurs define and lead engineering projects in pursuit of EIT’s mission. Faculty are led by:

David Agus, MD

David Agus, MD

Founding Director & President,
EIT Los Angeles

Sir John Bell, FRS

Sir John Bell, FRS

President, EIT Oxford

Tony Blair

Executive Chairman,
Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Ellison Scholars

An important part of EIT’s mission is to identify students from around the world and train them to be leaders with the skills to invent, improve and manage the next generation of technology. The Ellison Scholars programme will fully fund selected students’ study at the University of Oxford, where they will collaborate with other Scholars and the EIT Faculty of Fellows on projects important to humanity.

Oxford Students