EIT Oxford

Innovation Labs

    • AI GPU Supercluster Lab
    • Robotics Lab
    • IoT Sensor Lab
    • Drug Design Lab
    • Genetics & Proteomics Lab
    • Medical Device Lab
    • Tissue Culture Lab
Oxford Campus

The Atrium: a cross section of collaboration

The Tissue Culture Lab

Collaboration Spaces

EIT Oxford will bring together innovative thinkers from around the world to support EIT’s mission. These planned collaborative gathering spaces serve to promote this interdisciplinary work.

Oxford Clinic

The Observatory Hall

Oxford Clinic

The Auditorium

Oxford Campus

The Recreation Hall

The Nest

The Nest

EIT Oxford Clinic

Our EIT Oxford Clinic will focus on cancer treatment, disease prevention and wellness. Once complete, it will have over 2,000m2 and feature on-site clinical imaging.

Oxford Clinic

The lobby of our EIT Oxford Clinic

Oxford Clinic

An infusion room for clinic patients