Ellison Scholars Projects

EIT develops and deploys technology in pursuit of solving humanity’s most challenging and enduring problems. Our multidisciplinary teams focus on four key areas of scientific and technological innovation, known as humane endeavours: health and medical science, food security and sustainable agriculture, climate change and clean energy, and government innovation and era of artificial intelligence.

Ellison Scholars will work collaboratively on projects that accelerate innovation for global benefit across these four key innovation areas. The portfolio of Scholars projects conducted at EIT will be dynamic and continuously evolving; below is the current list of indicative projects. This list is not exhaustive. Applications are welcome from candidates who are interested in projects aligned with EIT’s mission and the four humane endeavours that are not listed below. They should indicate this when applying to the Ellison Scholars programme.

Health & Medical Science Projects

H100: Pathogen Detection, Surveillance and Response System
The recent pandemic demonstrated the need for an international system for identifying and sequencing new and evolving pathogens, to characterise and monitor emerging threats, such as antimicrobial resistance.

H200: AI Based Population Scale Predictive and Pre-emptive Health System
Use AI to predict disease before the emergence of symptoms, by analysing population scale electronic health data. This will enable early prevention strategies, reduce human suffering, and lower the cost of treating disease.

H300: Cloud Based Global Clinical Trials and Real World Evidence System
Develop a cloud-based application and a global network of IoT diagnostic and monitoring devices that will substantially reduce the time and cost of testing and approving new drugs, therapeutics and technologies, and enable continued monitoring of patient outcomes after regulatory approval.

H400: Healthy Aging, Mechanisms and Interventions
Understanding the biological basis of aging and develop intervention for healthier living and life extension.

M100: Cancer Drug Discovery and Development
A promising prostate cancer drug is under development at EIT’s labs in Los Angeles and shortly will be entering clinical trials. AI is being used to design additional therapeutics for several other types of cancer.

M200: Rapid Drug Development Pathogen Binding System
Respond to the threat of a novel pathogen by developing a flexible approach drug design that enables the rapid development of therapeutics and vaccines.

Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture Projects

F100: Build a Global Network of Robotic Greenhouses
Transform agriculture by engineering indoor systems that grow most plants more economically and environmentally sustainably than traditional farming. The modular greenhouse’s growing system includes integrated irrigation, climate control, plant sensors, robotics and cloud software.

F200: Improve Crop Yields through Molecular Intervention
Improve crop yields by developing plants that are more drought and disease resistant, etc.

F300: Increase National Agricultural Output Using Satellite Farm Maps
Use satellite images and AI to construct a national map of farms and crops. Recommend steps each farmer can take to increase their crop yields. Forecast national farm output & crop prices.

Climate Change & Clean Energy Projects

E100: Clean Energy Generation through Nuclear Fusion 
Apply AI Exascale supercomputers to create high-fidelity digital twins to simulate the world’s first fusion power plants and accelerate  progress by designing fusion technology “in-silico”.

E200: Next Generation Energy Storage Batteries
Next generation high-density lithium battery storage technology development.

E300: Reduce Methane Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Livestock
Develop a food additive that modulates metabolic pathways in archaea in the cow’s microbiome to reduce livestock methane emission.

Government Innovation & Era of Artificial Intelligence Projects

G100: Transition a Country to Modern Digital Infrastructure
Transition a country’s computer and communications systems to Sovereign Cloud Data Centers, satellite internet, clean energy, digital IDs, plus applications for national healthcare, finance, agriculture, public safety.

G200: Using AI to Speed up Government Processes
Use AI to help draft laws to conform to regional standards, regulations and controls for money laundering, healthcare and public safety.

G300: Develop National Data Intelligence Database with AI Analytics
Aggregate all the nations critical population, financial, agricultural, healthcare data into a unified database and build AI National Digital Twin on this database foundation.

G400: Build Foundational Models for AI-enabled Care
Use national health infrastructure and combine existing and new multi-modal data from EHRs, Our Future Health etc, to build foundational models for AI-enabled care.