Kate O’Brien, PhD, RBP (ABSA)

Senior Manager, Environmental Health and Safety

310 228 6400

Kate O’Brien is the Senior Manager of Environmental Health and Safety at the Ellison Institute of Technology.
Prior to joining the Institute, she served as the Biosafety Officer and High Containment Officer for the University of Southern California. It was also at USC where Dr. O’Brien earned her PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Before working in safety, Dr. O’Brien spent time involved with forensic science, earning a BS in Biochemistry from Suffolk University in Boston, interning with the Boston Police Crime Lab, and working as a Visiting Scientist at the FBI’s Research Unit in Quantico, VA.

Before entering the field of science, Dr. O’Brien received a BA in English from Sonoma State University in CA and trained as an elementary school teacher. Her teaching experiences include all levels of learners from kindergarten to undergrads. Her love of education and lifelong learning is complemented in her role in safety in which she sees herself as not only as a collaborator and educator for those she serves, but also a recipient of their expertise.