Issa Esaid

Quality Control Manager

310 228 6400

Issa Esaid is the Quality Control Manager at the Ellison Institute of Technology, where he is paving the roadmap for a Quality Unit that will be primed for potential drug discovery projects. Issa is focused on driving safe and effective technologies that the Institute is concentrating on for the health and betterment of their patients. Issa will be pioneering an integral part of the Institute’s journey into a regulated and innovatively data-driven space that might be intended for human use one day. Most recently, Issa helped attain GMP compliance and testing efficacy through a pre-INDa and then BLA filing for a cell and gene therapy company that deployed a life-saving treatment to late-stage cancer patients. Supporting an audit ready environment, Issa also helped defend process and data during FDA audit observations and drove Data Integrity remediations, solutions to safekeep data and define compliance from outcomes of these audits.

Trained on DMAIC/Six Sigma, Issa excels in deviation and investigational technical writing, Corrective Action Preventative Action (CAPA) and root causes analyses (RCAs), acquiring certifications to become a Continuous improvement Facilitator for a plasma pharma operation. In previous roles, Issa attained significant knowledge and experience performing CRISPR cas9 genetic modifications, improving metabolic and enzyme pathways in S. cerevisiae to improve titers for market valued opiate APIs. Parallelly, he then focused on metabolic engineering of methanotroph capsulatus for the biofuel conversion of methane to achieve market valued oil/gasoline precursors.

Issa graduated from San Francisco State University, earning a B.S. and B.A discipline in Biochemistry and Chemistry respectively, and spent his undergrad years supporting masters in science students research on C. elegans worm infertility.

In his free time, Issa can be found living holistically and being a better and fellow human-being today than yesterday.