Christine Swisher, PhD

EIT Member
Chief Scientific Officer, Project Ronin

Christine Swisher is an EIT Member and Chief Scientific Officer at Project Ronin leading multidisciplinary teams of data scientists, statisticians, informaticists, and machine learning experts to build technologies that solve challenging clinical problems. Together, they have delivered safe and ethical artificial intelligence-based clinical decision support systems, NLP innovations, and demonstrated causal impact on clinical and institutional outcomes with the use of the Ronin platform. With her recent appointment at the Institute, she is excited to further contribute to the future of healthcare in a highly innovative and mission driven organization that has a profound impact on patients.

Prior to joining Ronin, she led a portfolio of FDA-cleared AI-based products, CLIA LDTs, and other clinical decision support / AI capabilities across the ML lifespan as well as analytics functions. She has experience at startups and at Philips, where she led deep learning initiatives across healthcare verticals. She holds over 20 patents on machine learning and AI. She completed her PhD in biomedical engineering with an emphasis on computer science jointly at University of California, Berkeley and UCSF and continued her postdoctoral work at Harvard Medical School and MGH. Christine is passionate about making an impact on patient and healthcare outcomes and delivering those innovations safely and ethically.