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For those applying to the Ellison Scholars programme for undergraduate study at the University of Oxford

Applying to Become an Undergraduate Ellison Scholar

Ellison Scholars undergraduate applications are now open; the application deadline is 1 August 2024, 4pm (UK time).

In your application, you will need to prove you meet the eligibility requirements and describe how you meet the selection criteria for the Ellison Scholars programme.

Below is the timeline for the Ellison Scholars undergraduate selection process. If you have questions, read our FAQs, or contact [email protected].


May – August 2024

Applications open in May and close on 1 August


September - October 2024

Semi-finalists selected
Semi-finalists prepare their application to University of Oxford; application deadline is 15 October


January 2025

Finalists (i.e. those receiving offers from the University of Oxford) are selected


February – March 2025

Final selection by EIT Faculty of Fellows


April 2025

Ellison Scholars are selected

October 2025

Ellison Scholars begin their studies at the University of Oxford

Applying to the University of Oxford

Applicants selected as semi-finalists for the Ellison Scholars programme will be invited to apply to the University of Oxford. The programme will fund any full-time undergraduate course at the University of Oxford – this includes all three-year bachelor’s degrees (e.g. BA), four-year integrated master’s degrees (e.g. MChem or MMath), the four-year graduate-entry medicine degree, and the full six-year undergraduate medicine degree.

Please note that applications submitted to the University of Oxford will follow the University’s separate and independent admissions process.

Final Selection of Ellison Scholars

Those who receive an offer of study from the University of Oxford automatically become Ellison Scholars finalists. The last stage of the application process will include interviews, with final selection decisions being made by the EIT Faculty of Fellows.

Undergraduate Ellison Scholars will be selected by April 2025 ahead of starting studies in Oxford in October 2025.


Applications for undergraduate scholarships are now open.

Still Have Questions?

If you have questions, read our FAQs, or contact [email protected].

Information Sessions & Resources

To learn more about the Ellison Scholars programme, register for one of our online information sessions and help spread the word with our posters, signage and other resources.