Tom Myers, Architect

Senior Director, Architecture and Experience

310 228 6400

Tom Myers, Architect, is the Senior Director, Architecture and Experience at the Ellison Institute of Technology where he ensures the design of our facilities foster our mission of collaboration, innovation, and learning. Working with leadership, he oversees our built environments and continuously refines operations through various means as we grow and explore new ways of working and establish new partnerships. His diverse range of experience has made him well suited to help direct the development of EIT properties as we grow and expand our operations.

Before joining EIT, Tom most recently worked as a licensed architect at RIOS, helping design the Ellison Institute of Technology’s building in Los Angeles and saw the project from conception through completion. He earned his Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and his Bachelor of Arts from Lehigh University. Upon graduation, he moved to Los Angeles to begin his architectural career. During that time of practice, he executed a multitude of project types including theoretical installations, single and multi-family dwellings, day care facilities, transportation projects, community centers, and office spaces. With his focus on design and user experience, he helps to give form to the Institute’s vision.