Marianna Asatryan

Selection Manager, Ellison Scholars

+44 1865 649520

Marianna Asatryan is the Selection Manager for the Ellison Scholars programme. Marianna is responsible for developing and executing an innovative and efficient selection process to identify world class candidates for the programme. She is passionate about finding and nurturing exceptional talent and making a positive impact on young scholars pursuing education and careers at the University of Oxford. Prior to joining the Ellison Institute of Technology, Marianna worked at the University of Oxford as a Head of Undergraduate Admissions Operations, overseeing and managing the undergraduate admissions process and ensuring fair and transparent procedures were followed while making decisions on applicants.

After completing her MSc in Educational Assessment at Oxford University Centre of Educational Assessment, she successfully managed the project to digitise Oxford’s admissions pre-interview tests. She is a former teacher who loves inspiring young minds. In her spare time, Marianna enjoys hiking and choral singing.